Monday, November 4, 2013

My Parents baptism flight

This was a flight that I was trying to make for some time. Finally, all conditions lined up and it was time for all the family enjoy a flight trip. :)

My mother gets motion sickness easily so I thought the flight should be on a calm day and she would be sitting in the front seat. But after take-off I decided to push the limits a little higher. I did some steep bank turns, quick climbs and descends. She withstand all that better then some pilots! :)

My plan was to go to Nazaré to see the big waves at Praia do Norte. There been some surfers trying to beat the record established of 30m wave by Garret McNamara.

Plane: C172
Route: LPJF (Leiria) -> Arroteia -> Sismaria -> Pedrogão -> Nazaré -> LPJF (56 nm)

Here are some photos (credits go to my brother :)) and the video that resumes the flight.

S.Pedro Moel pool
S.Pedro Moel Lighthouse

Praia da Povoeira

Praia das Paredes

Praia do Norte, Nazaré


Nazaré marina

Leiria Stadium
Leiria Castle

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