Thursday, November 1, 2012

Airbase Nº5 - Monte Real visit

As a complement to what we learned about turbines in the classes, it was given us the opportunity to visit the airbase where the 2 squadrons of F-16 are based (Falcões and Jaguares) and see with our own eyes how a jet engine is.

Some photos from the visit:
F-16 Pratt & Whitney jet engine
The place where the fuel is ejected when afterburner is activated

A gift for the future pilots :D - Compressor blades and Variable Stator Vanes.

If I remember this is what controls the Variable Stator Vanes to prevent a stall and surge of the engine (lost of power). This can be caused by engine inlet ice, damaged compressor blades (p.e. bird strike) or strong crosswinds that result in high angle of attack of the compressor blades. 

Turbine Nozzle Guide Vane (NGV) that is subject to about 1500ºC
Turbine blades

The F-16AM (MLU version) almost ready for the test flight

The team Haboobs

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