Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Brother baptism flight

After 2 months without flying, since my CPL/ME exam, I was "hungry" to be up there again at the controls of an airplane.
So this short flight, a promise done lot of time ago to my brother, was enjoyable as much as it could be.

As I hadn't flown for a while in a single engine airplane (3 months) and in this runway, I thought it was a good idea to do 3 touch and go first with an instructor to refresh my "internal sensors" :). Then the instructor goes out and my brother comes in, the other two passengers were already inside the plane.

We departure from runway 02 at LPJF direct to Arroteia, where my passengers live, then to Sismaria where I live, another thing that I wanted to do since some time ago. The next waypoints were along the coastline of Portugal.

The landing was on the last minutes of sunlight, with a great low pass from an another pilot just to close the nice flight.

I hope all passengers enjoyed the flight! :)

Route: José Ferrinho Aerodrome (Leiria, LPJF) -> Arroteia -> Sismaria -> Praia Osso da Baleia -> Pedrogão -> Praia da Vieira -> LPJF

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