Monday, November 26, 2012

NDB & VOR training - Viseu

This day was gonna be a long day. The morning started with a briefing of the day's plan which included 1h of simulator and a 3h flight under the hood to Viseu at afternoon.
The simulator part was composed of a few NDB holdings and approaches to Porto Runway 17 to train procedures and communications.

After the simulator I was invited to help in a "point fix" test (to test if all the parameters of the engine and systems of the aircraft are good) of an C152 after it came back from maintenance. I hadn't sat in an C152 for 3 months so I enjoyed the opportunity to refresh some procedures and to learn something more about this point fix tests.

After a quick lunch, I did the aircraft walk around and the paper work (flight process, weight and balance, navigation plan).
As in this day a geral strike occurred due to the austerity (all over the Europe) the flight was gonna be flown without filling a flight  plan (the ARO personal, necessary to fill a flight plan, was on strike too) so we decided that we are gonna departure and fly under the controlled airspace in Porto (class C).

Time to fly, I do the scan flow to prepare the C172R for engine start follow by the checklist (I'm still in adaptation to this airplane that has a GPS and fuel injection system). Fuel pump on until fuel flow indication, mixture cut-off, started on...pupupu...a few propeller rotation and mixture full rich and we have an engine start! After start scan-flow follow by checklist (never know when we forget something ;))
"Maia,Charlie Sierra Delta Golf Mike Muito Boa tarde, on apron Echo, taxing to holding point runway 16". Taxi light on, off we go.

After departure we flown direct to Viseu climbing to 5500 feet after passing the Porto controller airspace limit (class G airspace). After arriving at Viseu we tried to contact AFIL to fill a flight plan letting them know that was a airplane training over there but unfortunately they couldn't hear us well and we were unable to fill the flight plan. 

We continue the training keeping the eyes and hears open for any other aircraft in the zone arriving or departure from Viseu uncontrolled aerodrome.  

Viseu VOR
Viseu aerodrome

We started to practice some NDB holdings using the Radio Renascença antenna as a beacon. I determined the wind direction and velocity (20 knots). It was fun and challenging doing this holdings with this wind. Then proceed with an NDB approach to the runway 36 followed by a touch and go and missed approach procedure.  
NDB RWY 01 chart
This charts are only for training purposes.
After this we shoot the VOR/DME V, X and Z for RWY36 approaches that includes VOR holdings and  arcs.
VOR/DME V 36 chart

VOR/DME V 36 approach

VOR/DME X 36 chart
VOR/DME 36 chart

For who knows nothing of what you see in these charts, basically it depicts a top view and a vertical profile where you can see the path (headings, altitudes and distances) that you have to fly (it can be inside clouds) to bring the airplane to a position near the runway where at that point if you don't see the runway, you have to abort the landing (go around or "borregar" in portuguese) and execute the missed approach procedure.

With more than 2h of flight we decided it was time to return to base flying again under the Porto controller airspace. 
Viseu city
A lot small fires

Serra do Caramulo
Serra de Montemuro
Almost sunset...better land 

To finish the day, we normally practice a SAF (Simulated Force Landing) upon arrival and today wasn't different. So the  instructor pulls the power to idle and I do the procedures:
best glide speed, trim, choose a local to land (runway 16) follow by the procedure to restart the engine. I couldn't reach the runway and a go around was made followed by a circuit for a normal landing.

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