Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trip to Vigo and Santiago de Compostela - Part 1

I'm starting a new phase of my course where I will be flying on low-enroute airways (it's like highways in the sky ;)).

I was backseating in this flight, just enjoying the landscape and get a little familiarization with the procedures.

The plan was to takeoff from Maia on VFR (Visual Flight Rules) direct to RELVA waypoint to catch the A5 airway and change to IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) before crossing the border to Spain on TURON waypoint. From there direct to Santiago VOR to do an ILS approach and then another ILS approach at Vigo airport. Then if traffic permitting another ILS approach at Sá Carneiro airport (Porto).

As I have a lot of photos from this flight I choose to separate this post in three parts.
Part 1 - Leg from Maia to Santiago
Part 2 - Leg from Santiago to Vigo
Part 3 - Leg from Vigo to Porto

Passing  by Vigo airport, on our way to Santiago VOR.
Passing overhead the TGV line to Santiago de Compostela at 10000 feet.

We were doing the ILS Z Rwy 17 approach. It starts overhead the airport following the opposite course for landing.
Santiago airport
After 8nm from the airport we done a 45º/180º procedure turn to the left. This turn is needed to perform a course reversal to establish the aircraft inbound on the final approach course
On the outbound leg of the procedure turn with Santiago airport in the background 
For the procedure turn we turn left 45 deg and fly that heading (outbound leg). At 10nm from the airport (VOR) we turn right 180 deg and maintain that heading until we intercept the final approach course.
Encoro de Vilagudin.
 Just finishing the outbound leg of the procedure turn.
Watch the reflection of the contrail on the water.

Intercepting the final approach course.

 We made a low approach just 4-5 feet of the ground.

Santiago terminal
Some traffic...
Leaving Santiago...
On our way to Vigo.
Still tune for part 2 - Vigo Approach. ;)

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