Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cold day

Some nice pictures that I took during a training flight to Viseu via Amarante.

Departure at 1000Z
Vilar de Luz RWY 36 SID (Standard Instrument Departure):
Climb straight ahead on runway 36 until 1500', turn right to intercept and follow radial 090 from PRT VOR until Amarante then right turn to Viseu.

After departure
Porto city

Leaving Porto city behind

Over Cinfães with Douro river insight

After passing Serra de Montemuro we catch a downdraft while trying climb to 6500ft from 5500ft. Instead of climb we were descending 200ft/min. 
After a few seconds the plane started climbing 500ft/min. The Plan B if this hadn´t happened was to turn right to a valley to deviate from high ground and clouds. 
If we take as reference the International Standard Atmosphere (ISA) model that says that the temperature at sea level is 15ºC and decreases about 2ºC/1000ft then at  6000ft the temperature should be +3ºC but actually are -2ºC. So we say that the temperature is ISA -5.

After leaving Viseu we climbed to 5500ft direct to PG NDB (near Francelos, Vila Nova de Gaia) to fly a VOR approach to Porto Airport.

Sá Carneiro terminal
On short final RWY 35

Hope you enjoyed the photos... :)

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