Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Porto Night Flight Photos

Here are a sequence of photos from almost one year ago when I did my second night flight. This time with me at the controls :). 
The flight included various approaches at Sá Carneiro Airport, Porto. The runway in use was the 35 (pointing North), so we did Visual and VOR approaches with the aid of the backcourse signal from the ILS runway 17.

Photo credits go to Rui Silva.

Doing the paperwork.
Checking the fuel!
Should I fill the tanks or not??
It's better to fill! As we say: "The only time we have too much fuel is when we are on fire!"
Instructor supervising!!!
Last look at the approaches we are going to do. 
Listening the ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) to check the runway in use and meteorology.
Porto city.
Porto Stadium.
VOR Approach to runway 35.

The instrument that ALL airplanes have - Compass.
Short Final runway 35
Following the sun to the USA!!

Matosinhos Refinery - Petrogal. 
Porto city. On the right side the Arrábida Bridge.
Foz do Douro.

Follow Me please :)
Time to call the day off and go home.

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