Wednesday, June 26, 2013

First night flight - 21/05/2013

After about 2 month without flying I thought it was better to re-study some procedures before my first night flight. So I refreshed my memory about scan flows, airplane systems, VOR and ILS approaches, NDB tracking. I also studied a little about night flying (emergencies, illusions).

Waiting for the sunset :)

After departure from Vilar de Luz, Maia (LPVL)

Proceeding to Crestuma dam
Crestuma dam

Beautiful sunset

Looking for Vila Nova de Gaia and Porto cities

Looking for the Boavista Avenue, Porto (right side) on VOR approach  for runway 35 of Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport

Final runway 35
It was a busy night with a lot of traffic. We were doing approaches between the comercial airplanes (TAP, Ryanair, Luftansa ...). The controller just asked if we could do an approach before the next traffic arrive in 6 or 7 min and we accepted every one we could doing shorter downwind legs. Other times we were vector to the sea and hold for the traffic to pass.

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