Monday, October 22, 2012


I started looking up to the sky since my 11-12 years old seeing A-7's and F-16's that were based in an airbase near my home. The seed was planted!

After a few years the A-7 were phased out and I started to pass many hours just outside the airbase watching the F-16 practicing the landings
and waiting that one day I could sit in one of them. But that thought gone away after my second attempt to apply to Air Force due to my vision :(.

My next plan was to take a degree in engineering while saving some money to be some day an Airline Pilot. Right now I'm in the middle of my ATPL course doing the instrument training.

This blog born with the goal of sharing my flying experiences mostly like a pilot diary. I'm a person of few words but I'll try my best to give you an idea of the sensations and views from up there!

Hope you enjoy the flight... :)

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